Lake Louise strives to live our mission and vision through

Nurturing faith and equipping Christian children, youth, families, and community leaders to live and work from a place of wholeness, and in so doing, they shall be bearers of promise and hope as they transform the world.

Lake Louise serves communities through developing and offering programming which focuses on:

  • Faith/spiritual formation in children, youth, adults, and families.
  • Cultivating and empowering Christian youth leadership, service, and discipleship.
  • Personal renewal and leadership sustainability and development for clergy, ministry professionals, and people of faith.
  • Personal and professional renewal of the wider community, not necessarily faith-based.

Lake Louise believes we should be an asset to the local Boyne area community.

Therefore, we:

  • Partner with local Boyne area businesses and organizations to strengthen the community through sending work groups to serve in different settings.
  • Collect canned goods at weekly summer Chapel worship services for Boyne Valley Food Pantry.
  • Designate a portion of summer Chapel worship offerings for The Manna Food Project.
  • Fundraise alongside the Boyne Valley Food Pantry - raised over $1000.00 in 2016.

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