About Us

The Lake Louise Christian Community, Camp and Retreat Center are located on one of the most beautiful lakes (Thumb Lake) in Michigan. Our physical setting and facilities amidst 2800 acres of rolling conservation forest on a clear, spring-fed lake offer an amazing array of spiritual and recreational opportunities. Hike tree-lined trails or swim from sandy beaches. A cottager community of 125 families, a vibrant summer camp with rustic log cabins and programs for elementary, junior and senior high students and adults, and a year-round retreat center for all ages form the center of a ministry dedicated to "Creating an environment that nurtures Christian growth and Christ-like community." Founded by Methodists, our ministry is broadly ecumenical, inclusive of persons of faith across the Christian spectrum and attempting to understand and learn from other religious traditions.

Our educational and spiritual formation programs, especially our camps and retreats for children, teens and young adults, try to answer the question, "How will the modern world be better because Lake Louise is in it?"

Our ministry practices a three-fold response in a developmentally informed approach:

1. In a world beset with distractions and divisions of all sorts, we attempt to articulate Christ-like community and invite persons to become a part of it.
2. In a world tending toward tipping points and polarization, we provide a respite from and a balance to its demands.
3. And in an increasingly diverse and complex world, we identify and equip persons of faith for transforming leadership.

With children we teach the stories of our faith and build a foundation of joy and hope.
With youth, teens and "apprentice adults", we explore the stories and dilemmas of our faith with openness, teaching problem solving and effecting positive change within an ethic of care.
With younger and older adults, we delve deeply into the challenges of modern life and relationships, nurturing a spiritual center that is both intelligent and mature. Lake Louise invites you to step back from your regular routines and step into nature for a time of recreation, reflection, and being intentional about life and our relationship with God. In stepping closer to creation in all of its physical elements, we are reminded of what is most elemental in our spiritual lives. Lake Louise offers a renewing outdoor experience. Take a walk in the woods. Claim some conversation or reflection around a campfire. Join us for "re-creation" at one of our camps, retreats or an individual sabbath. Think of Lake Louise as the next location for your church group, or your civic or business organization.